The Attica Hotel

The Need:

The goal in the re-opening and re-launch of this historical landmark was a story of transformation, creating a destination and a design that would not only connect you with the past, but would transport you into the 21st century. It was about paying respect to that past, understanding the story, and pushing the boundaries of design to create a gathering place to reflect the history of the building and of the community. But this is also a story of working within a tight budget and a space constrained by historical regulations.

As for the food and beverage, it needed to be approachable and affordable, mirroring that of a neighborhood tavern. It was a thrill to work with Michael and Brian and have input and oversight from the beginning of the renovation construction, through the kitchen design, menu development, staff training, food production, and finally, the opening of the restaurant.

The Solution:

To recreate a place that is all at once comfortable, accessible, and unpretentious -- a homespun connection of where we are, where we come from, and who we are with. A place that takes a nod from its rich history and effortlessly captures the feel of the community.

Food offerings will include craveable comfort foods and sharable savory dishes. The food will be American classics with global touches, simply prepared to reflect the historic influences of the hotel and community.

Services Provided:

  • Develop and define the restaurant concept.
  • Create a critical path and timeline from start up to opening.
  • Kitchen and restaurant design including floor plan and kitchen equipment.
  • Menu and recipe development and creation to reflect local demographics and signature identity
  • Menu optimization, pricing, portion control, and waste mitigation.
  • Back and front of house training.


The Attica Hotel runs a brisk business welcoming both locals and visitors. Known for their weekly specials including their famous Fish Fry and Chicken 'n Biscuits and their neighborhood events, the restaurant is now making a comeback from the restrictions of the pandemic.