Certified Master Chef Dale Miller Selected for the U.S. Diplomatic Culinary Partnership

Uploaded Image: /uploads/News/CMC-Dale-Miller-SoS-Blinken-Greeting-2923-1200w.jpgAlbany, NY – Chef Dale Miller, CMC, AAC, has been appointed by the Office of the Chief of Protocol for Secretary of State Antony Blinken as a member of the U.S. State Department’s Advisory Board “Kitchen Cabinet,” to assist with the relaunch of the Culinary Diplomatic Partnership. The partnership is being reinstated in collaboration with the James Beard Foundation and the Office of the Chief of Protocol.

The Diplomatic Culinary Partnership was originally created and established in 2012 by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, to encourage the use of food, hospitality, and the dining experience for enhancing of formal diplomacy, cultivation of cultural understanding and strengthening of global relationships.

Today’s Diplomatic Culinary Partnership is composed of a 10-member “Kitchen Cabinet” of highly recognized culinary professionals, who were instrumental in the development of the American Culinary Diplomatic Corps, a network of over 80 diverse and distinguished chefs and foodservice professionals. The Kitchen Cabinet’s role, in conjunction with the James Beard Foundation, is to curate a group of America’s most influential Chefs to participate in events on behalf of the U.S. Department of State both at home and abroad. The cabinet is also tasked with helping to find sponsors to partner with the funding of this vital program.

The Partnership represents the vibrant diversity of American cuisine and the best of American food with Chefs as global ambassadors and citizen diplomats to promote cross-cultural exchanges with foreign dignitaries through hospitality and the dining experience.

On February 9, 2023, Chef Miller was invited to attend a gala cocktail reception at the U.S. State Department in Washington, D.C., for the formal announcement of the Partnership and the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). Secretary of State Blinken stated that, “the partnership will give foreign visitors and dignitaries a chance to learn about the history of American cuisine and, quite literally, get a taste of our culture.” Approximately 350 guests were in attendance, including the Kitchen Cabinet, the Culinary Diplomacy Corps, their guests, government officials, dignitaries and U.S. Ambassadors from diverse nations including those from Monaco, Bolivia, Paraguay and Panama.

“I am honored to be a member of the Diplomatic Culinary Partnership,” said Certified Master Chef Dale Miller. “It is a pinnacle in my career, and I am profoundly proud of my association with this extraordinary program. I look forward to working with my fellow cabinet members, Chefs of the Diplomatic Corps, and the James Beard Foundation for innovation of exchange programs, and utilization of cooking and food as a means of bridging cultures for improved communication and understanding throughout the world.”

About Chef Dale Miller, CMC, AAC

Chef Dale Miller is President of Master Chef Consulting Group, LLC, a business formed in 1996 to assist major food corporations, retailers, chains, and independent restaurants develop new and innovative culinary concepts, strategies, and financial solutions for their businesses.

Chef Dale Miller is the recipient of the prestigious ACF National Chefs Professionalism Award and a lifetime member of the elite Honorable Society of the Golden Toque, the highest acclaimed recognition a chef can receive in America. As one of 69 U.S. Certified Master Chefs, Chef Miller is also a member of the American Master Chefs’ Order (AMCO), which serves as leaders, advocates, and mentors within the global culinary world.

In 2012, he was appointed to the Board of Directors of Maple Leaf Farms, a corporation that has become a global brand. Chef Miller is a Fellow of the Culinary Institute of America and is currently the Past Chair of the Alumni Council Board. He is an active member of the American Culinary Federation and its Honor Society, the American Academy of Chefs.

Kitchen Cabinet Members:

  • José Andrés – Global Chef/Restaurateur, Founder, World Central Kitchen  
  • Joan Brewster – Executive Director, American Master Chefs’ Order 
  • Jeni Britton – Founder, Jeni’s Ice Cream  
  • Kimberly Brock Brown – President, American Culinary Federation
  • Cristeta Comerford – Executive Chef, White House  
  • Christopher James – Chef & Event Manager, U.S. Department of State  
  • Jason Larkin – Executive Chef & Event Manager, U.S. Department of State  
  • Dale Miller – Certified Master Chef, President, Master Chef Consulting Group, LLC 
  • Dr. Timothy Ryan – President, The Culinary Institute of America
  • James Sinopoli - Senior Executive Chef, U.S. Department of State  

Uploaded Image: /uploads/News/2023-Diplomatic-Culinary-Corp-Chefs-1200w.jpg

Diplomatic Culinary Corps Members:

Adams, Bleu: Provo, UT
Akunowicz, Karen: Boston, MA
Albisu, Victor: Vienna, VA
Andrés, José: Washington, DC
Barreto, Angel: Washington, DC
Bianco, Christopher: Phoenix, AZ
Bickford, Megan: New Orleans, LA
Bouguettaya, Warda: Farmington, MI
Brandwein, Amy: Washington, DC
Broussard: Maya Camille: Chicago, IL
Bruner-Yang, Erik: Washington, DC
Button, Katherine: Asheville, NC
Castro, Ana: New Orleans, LA
Chang, Trac: Cambridge, MA
Cohen, Leah: New York, NY
Cookston, Melissa: Hernando, MS
de la Vega, Iliana: Austin, TX
Dooley, Carl: Boston, MA
Egger, Robert: Los Cerrillos, NM
Erickson, Renee: Seattle, WA
Friedman, Michael: Olney, MD
Glover, Caroline: Denver, CO
Gonzalez, Fernando: Riverdale Park, MD
Gourdet, Gregory: Portland, OR
Grant, Jerome: Washington, DC
Gregg, Ashleigh: Asheville, NC
Ha, Christine: Houston, TX
Hall, Carla: Washington, DC
Hill, Matthew: Arlington, VA
Holland, Tanya: Oakland, CA
Irabién, Christian: Washington, DC
Irani, Meherwan: Asheville, NC
Jew, Brandon: San Francisco, CA
Jones, Deborah: Kansas City, KS
Jones, Mosley: Mary: Kansas City, KS
Lakshmi, Padma: New York, NY
Langhorne, Jeremiah: Washington, DC
Lee, Edward: Louisville, KY
Lipscombe, Adrian: Round Rock, TX
Luchetti, Emily: Bolinas, CA
Maii, Robynne: Honolulu, HI
Markert, Andrew: Washington, DC
Meek-Bradley, Marjorie: New York, NY
Michel, Outia: Midway, KT
Miller, Rachel: Boston, MA
Milliken, Mary Sue: Los Angeles, CA
Morishita, Masako: Washington, DC
Mulvaney, Patrick: Sacramento, CA
Myint, Anthony: Portland, OR
Nischan, Michel: Fairfield, CT
Nosrat, Samin: Oakland, CA
Nurdjaja, Ayesha: Brooklyn, NY
O’Connell, Patrick: Washington, VA
Onwuachi, Kwame: New York, NY
Peart, Petrina: Cheyenne, WY
Pope, Monica: Houston, TX
Portillo, Debby: Riverdale Park, MD
Previte, Rose: Washington, DC
Quatrano, Anne: Cartersville, GA
Quinn, Jessica: Brooklyn, NY
Quinn, Trina: Brooklyn, NY
Reed, Brit: Marysville, WA
Rico, Edgar: Austin, TX
Russell, Mariya: Romeo, MI
Senior Alvarez, Daniella: Arlington, VA
Sherman, Sean: Minneapolis, MN
Silverman, Aaron: Washington, DC
Smalls, Alexander: New York, NY
Sodi, Rita: New York, NY
Solomonov, Mike: Philadelphia, PA
Spero, Johnny: Washington, DC
Sunderam, Vikram: McLean, VA
Tang, Yuan: Washington, DC
Telepan, Bill: New York, NY
Tien, Kevin: Washington, DC
Tomanetz, Tootsie: Lexington, TX
Velez, Paola: Arlington, VA
Wahpepah, Crystal: Oakland, CA
Williams, Erick: Chicago, IL
Williams, Jody: New York, NY
Yang, Rachel: Seattle, WA
Yeh, Molly: East Grand Forks, MN
Young, Grace: New York, NY

Photos & Captions

Photo at top of article:
Left to Right: Clare Reichenbach, CEO, James Beard Foundation; Antony Blinken, U.S. Secretary of State; Jeni Britton, Founder, Jeni’s Ice Creams; Dr. Timothy Ryan, President, Culinary Institute of America; Dale Miller, CMC, AAC, President, Master Chef Consulting Group, LLC

Uploaded Image: /uploads/News/SoS-Blinken-Kitchen-Cabinet-2923-1200w.jpg

The U.S. Diplomatic Culinary Parntership "Kitchen Cabinet" (Left to Right):
Clare Reichenbach, CEO, James Beard Foundation; Kimberly Brock Brown, ACF National President; Jeni Britton, Founder, Jeni’s Ice Creams; Antony Blinken, U.S. Secretary of State; Dr. Timothy Ryan, President, The Culinary Institute of America; Dale Miller, CMC, AAC, President, Master Chef Consulting Group, LLC; Rufus Gifford, Ambassador U.S. Chief of Protocol

Missing from the Photo:
José Andrés, Global Chef/Restaurateur, Founder World Central Kitchen; Cristeta Comerford, Executive Chef, White House; Joan Brewster, Executive Director, American Master Chefs Order; James Sinopoli, Senior Executive Chef, U.S. State Department; Jason Larkin, Executive Chef & Event Manage, U. S. State Department; Christopher James, Chef & Event Manager, U. S. State Department

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